About Us

After more than 50 years of being a successful entrepreneur in the hospitality and real estate industries, I retired to do the very thing I had been secretly doing my entire adult life… betting sports.

I say “secretly” because when I first started betting it was illegal. Through a friend living in Connecticut, I was introduced to my first “bookie” with whom I placed my bets back in the 1970s. He was part of a huge underworld system based solely on trust. While it was fun, it was also stressful as you were always wondering if you would be paid each time you won.

But then everything started to change. In the late ’90s the internet brought online gambling to our home computers. And Las Vegas casinos had sports books that were so popular that outside pressure from the public resulted in legalized sports gambling across several states, with many more to come.

Online casino gambling has now become the fastest-growing industry in North America, with more than 100 million people placing more than $12 billion in wagers… on the Super Bowl alone!

Throughout my gambling “career” I have always looked first for an underdog play. Mainly because they pay far better if you can land one. For me and millions of others, it isn’t so much about the money but more about the thrill of winning. That special moment when you see and feel the opportunity arise for a wonderful “back door cover” by our beloved dogs.

So, with a couple of other sports betting experts, I created Betting the Underdog to help fellow wagerers maximize every play.

We think you will feel the edge we are creating.

Sherman Potvin
Betting the Underdog

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