Let The Big Dogs Off The Porch…

“You about to play an opponent who is either bigger, stronger, faster …Is there any hope at all? Absolutely, because one factor is in your favor: You are the Underdog!” ~ Micah Miller

  • A Dozen Hand-Selected Partners, Our “Alpha Dogs”, Who Are Experts In The Sports Services Industry.
  • These Experts Are Already In The Business Of Selling Their Picks To Gamblers.
  • We Told Them Our Plan And Asked If They Would Like To Get In Front Of Our Members With Their Picks.
  • When Submitting Their Plays, They Are Required To Issue A Brief Writeup As To Why They Selected That Particular Play.
  • We Encourage Them To Include Their Website And A Short Bio For Our Members To Review. We Track Their Records With Us And Make The Results Available To Our Members.
  • They loved the idea, because of the opportunity to get in front of our members, showcasing their knowledge, perhaps winning new players for themselves.

Win, Win, Win for All

  • We request only one play from each expert on gameday. Their best Underdog Play and nothing else! Think NFL Sundays and College football Saturdays.
  • Plays must be delivered to us no later than 9 AM Eastern Time on Game Day. At the same time, each submitted play is also delivered to our members via e-mail.
  • The odds are excellent that many of their plays will be the same. Some may even mirror teams we personally liked that day.

Suddenly the advantage comes to our side!

  • As consensus plays form, our members have high odds of cashing winning tickets.
  • This is power to the bettors—leverage we have never before enjoyed!
  • There’s nothing like having a great dog running for you to start the day.

Come on aboard, you will never regret it.

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