What is it about the underdog?

We all love an underdog story, and in the NFL, the underdog wins more than half the time!

Why is there is growing interest in betting the Underdog

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What is an Underdog in Sports Betting?

Simply put, the underdog is the side in a bet that is considered less likely to win.

History Of Underdogs

Everyone loves the underdog. Unless your beloved team is the favorite, few sports stories capture an audience’s attention..



Letting The Big Dogs Off The Porch…

  • A Dozen Hand-Selected Partners, Our “Alpha Dogs”, Who Are Experts In The Sports Services Industry.
  • These Experts Are Already In The Business Of Selling Their Picks To Gamblers.
  • We Told Them Our Plan And Asked If They Would Like To Get In Front Of Our Members With Their Picks.
  • When Submitting Their Plays, They Are Required To Issue A Brief Writeup As To Why They Selected That Particular Play.
  • We Encourage Them To Include Their Website And A Short Bio For Our Members To Review. We Track Their Records With Us And Make The Results Available To Our Members.

They loved the idea, because of the opportunity to get in front of our members, showcasing their knowledge, perhaps winning new players for themselves.

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“You Know, It’s Quite All Right To Give The Underdog A Hand, But Only One Hand. Keep The Other Hand On Your Pistol – Or He’ll Try To Eat The One You Gave Him!”

– Ricky Gervais

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Alpha Dogs

Let The Big Dogs Off The Porch…

Big Al McMordie.

Clark Compton.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions we
have answers

Which Sports Teams will you be issuing plays for?

In our first year we will offer only the NFL and College Football through all Play-Offs. We also plan the Play-offs in the NBA and the NHL

What about Major League Baseball?

We will not offer it for the 2022 season. Once we get an understanding as to how we might adapt some of the 162 games they play each year we may bring them on.

What inspired you build this Business?

In Sports betting, the underdog is one of the most difficult bets to make. The reason is that there is usually very little data to justify betting the Dog. We believe by asking our “group of professionals,” all secretly submitting their ONE Underdog play on any given Sunday, will provide us the very best chance of “forming a wining consensus play” creating an advantage we’ve never had with the underdog.

How do you plan on offering the expert plays in all the Professional and College games?

We’re glad you asked. As you know it could be a challenge with different teams offering different numbers of games. We think our system will be fair for our experts as well as our membership. Check it out.

  • NFL: We plan to unleash Underdog Plays (12) on every Sunday (17 Sundays & some Saturdays) by 9 am EST. Our experts may release special plays throughout the season (Monday & Thursday) and of course you will be given advance notice via e-mail to watch for them.
  • NBA: We will unleash the underdogs for all play-off games plus other special games the experts may have a play in.
  • NHL: We will unleash the underdogs for all play-off games plus other special games the experts may have a play in.
  • College Football: We plan to unleash (12) Underdog Plays every Saturday (14 Saturdays) by 9AM EST. We will also have plays on all play-off games thru the Championship games.

You have a number of different teams, how will you plan your pricing?

Good Question. The goal for us, after this first season, is to eventually have ONE yearly fee that covers all our sports. We feel this will be better & easier for us, our experts & our members. Needless to say, we will be able to offer a much better deal to our members in this manner.

When the NBA & NHL Play-offs come upon us we will price them separately or perhaps package them together, we will see.

How did you select your “Alpha Dogs”?

First, we wanted only experts that provided their clients with year around sports plays. Secondly, we narrowed down the field to around 30 experts. Third, we researched and charted those in all sports for around 5 months. We had designed a small brochure outlining our program which we sent to those we hoped to get. If interested, they would sign our non-disclosure and send it back to us. We then mostly talked on the phone to get everyone comfortable.

Will you be tracking all the expert plays?

Yes, and they know we will be tracking them. They want to be the best they can be. A consistently good record will likely cause our members to consider their services.

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